Fear Not the Pain, but the Comfort

In life, those who always aspire to grow and be better are the ones with most hope for the realization of that dream. But we’ve all grown up in a world where we’re taught to fear failure; to avoid pain; to take the path of least resistance. We grow from children to adults with many of those same fears and negative associations with pain and failure still deeply engraved in our subconscious and vividly apparent in our daily decisions.

When we clearly define a goal, identify the path we must walk on to reach it, and adamantly accept and commit to climbing over each and every roadblock along that path we create an unbelievable opportunity for ourselves. We give ourselves a series of crucial opportunities – decisions must be made everyday. Will I cower in the face of challenge and succumb to fear of failure, or will I fight on, endure the short term pain and conquer yet another roadblock to get up and yell “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT??!!”

Committing to a Body Transformation has equipped me with the series of opportunities to grow EVERYDAY, not just in physical fitness, but more importantly in mental and emotional strength. It has provided me with clear directions to get from my position 12 weeks ago to where I am today.

The only question to be asked and always is- When you look back at the time that has inevitably passed, will you say “Darn, I Wish I Had” or “Gee, I’m Glad I Did?” – Jeff Olson