Full Body- Machines (45Mins)

If you’re reading this, know that I’m proud of you for taking a step towards self-sufficiency in the gym. This is your opportunity to gain some independence and control over your body and fitness. It takes courage to do something new, but the discomfort (emotional or physical) will be one of the driving forces behind your change. When we are too comfortable, we do not endeavour to grow or improve.

This is Your Workout Time. A time to care for your body as you do for your car, dog, family or house; a time to zone out from the distractions of the world and zone into You. Forget the people around you, they are none of your business.

Enjoy getting your sweat on girls!


You will do 3 rounds of each circuit. Remember to spend 5 minutes getting your equipment set up to allow for flow. You want your weights to be challenging and safe – allowing for proper execution of each exercise.

Circuit 1:

– Bent Over Row- Full Range x 12 Reps, Upper Half x 6 Reps (barbell)

– Cable Flies x 12 (Cable machine with handles set at shoulder height)

– Reverse Crunches x 25

– High Knees 30 Seconds


Circuit 2:

– Pull Overs x 12 Reps (Cable machine with handle bar, or on bench with dumbbell)

– Sumo Squats x 12 Reps (Wide stance, holding barbell)

– Bosu Plank (Elbows on upside-down boss)

– Uphill Climb on Bike 30 Seconds (Standing, Bootay hovering over the seat with high resistance)

Circuit 3:

– Bosu Push-ups x 14 (alternating sides)

– Leg Curls x 14 RepsĀ (Laying or Seated Machine)

– Mountain Climbers x 30 Seconds

– Jump Lunges x 12 Reps on each side


Today’s Affirmation: “I embrace my challenges for they are my biggest opportunities”.