Personal Trainer

About John

John is a qualified health professional who has been in the fitness industry since 2007. John passion is to help people improve or help reach their health & fitness goals. Helping them by guiding & motivating them every step of the way. In the end making it a lifestyle change to stay health for life.

John has created a support group for his clients in which in a safe & friendly environment. With his support he is able to share insight and aid them into focusing on their short & long-term goals, which moves them to a healthier & happier person.

John himself was overweight for most of his life. Then he decided to lose weight & in the process lost 28kg & is now fitter & healthier then ever.

John specializes in one on one personal training but also buddy & group sessions. John is well know for his non machine training style & boxing sessions. In which is very passionate about core strength with every client & always gives helpful tips during & after the session in the best interest of his clients

John is also Relationship Coach for Women. John passion is to work with women to improve their communication with their man or men around them. Helping women understand men from a “mansview.” Women who are single, married, separated or divorce. Giving insights on what men are thinking and to improve communication with them. John has a business by the name of ManSpeak.

John can be contacted at:
Mobile 61 0409928175
Website: /