Our Mission


The FittHeroes mission is to free as many individuals as possible from the debilitating lack of knowledge and misunderstandings around weight management. Through understanding that the Diet and Sugar industries benefit from our obesity, and committing to educating ourselves on the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise, we can live a New Life where eating is done for nutrition and enjoyment while exercising is done for the love of mobility, endless energy, strength and ultimately confidence.

Through Personal Training, Bootcamps, Nutritional Coaching and Mindset Training, FittHeroes enables others who’ve struggled with their weight and resulting poor self-esteem to finally achieve the fitness goals that for so many years have only seemed like a luxury for the rich and famous.

Clients will come with low self-esteem and quality of life, but leave feeling empowered, younger, vibrant, in control and back on top of the world where they belong. They will understand the limitless value of hard work, dedication, proper training techniques and nutritional eating. The endless motivation and the accompanying results seen by clients will create an infectious and addictive environment to which clients will keep returning with friend and family for more positivity.

Whether you’re an individual, an employer or school director looking to improve the quality of life for yourself and others, FittHeroes is thrilled and honoured to embark on this journey with you!

With excellent client service, empathy, understanding, patience, endless motivation and the provision of educational tools pertaining to health, fitness and positive mindset, we know that “You Can and You Will!”