Do two sets of each round with no rest between moves, but a minute rest between rounds.

Round 1:

Squat with Y-arms
Targets: Quads, core, shoulders
Do: 20 reps

Front-reaching plank
Targets: Core, shoulders
Do: 15 reps

Hip-up to push-up
Targets: Torso
Do: 20 reps

Skydiver with T-arms
Targets: Core,glutes,legs, back
For: 60 seconds


Saxon back lunge
Targets: legs, glutes, obliques
Do: 15 reps

Scorpion sidekicks
Targets: Hips, back
Do: 15 reps

Side-reaching plank
Targets: Core, back
For: 60 seconds

Skydiver with Y-arms
Targets: Core, glutes, legs, back
For: 60 seconds