Meet Marleen

Marleen M. Mour


As the Founder of FittHeroes, I am honoured and privileged to say that I have been in your shoes – struggling with weight-loss and trying every extreme diet under the sun. I understand your frustrations and hurdles firsthand. With a program that’s yielded results for myself (My 30kg body transformation video) and many of my clients, I’m eager and enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge and watching YOU transform your body, your thinking and your confidence too!

I grew up in a family with very little knowledge of what healthy eating and living meant. As a consequence, at the age of 16 I weighed 87kg (~45% body fat). The extra weight led to feelings of inadequacy and very poor self-esteem, so much so that for a period of my childhood years I’d eat my lunch in the school bathroom stalls, hiding out of shame that other kids would make fun of me for eating.

At the age of 16 I’d had enough of feeling worth less than others and I knew that the power to change was in my hands. What I still didn’t know was how the properly and safely lose the weight in a sustainable manner. As a result, my first major weight loss attempt encompassed excessive cardiovascular exercise, no weight training, and a very calorie restricted diet. I lost 30kg (52kg, ~28% Body fat) and while I looked better, maintaining my weight was a constant struggle.

What I didn’t realize was that through my lack of weight training and below-recommended calorie diet I’d shot myself in the foot. My metabolism had significantly reduced because a lot of the weight loss came from losing muscle, not just fat.

Over the next 4 years my weight slowly crept back up to 68kg and it seemed that every diet I attempted would only result in short term weight loss followed by more weight gain. At the age of 20 I enlisted the help of a personal trainer and committed myself to learning more about healthy nutrition.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve been successful at boosting my metabolism (to burn more calories every day) by adding lean muscle mass and reducing my percentage body fat to an all time low of 19%! Over these last 6 years I’ve witnessed, not only a change in my body but a change in my self-like-ability, courage, and quality of life. Every area of my life has been touched by my weight loss and the accompanying increase in confidence. I know now that if I can do it, anyone can!