Personal Trainer

Bootcamp, HIIT, Circuit Training, Weights Lifting,
Strength and Conditioning, Plyometrics, Kickboxing,
Bushwalking, Hiking, Swimming, Cycling.

About Samantha

With over 15 years experience in weight training and playing multiple sports I am lucky to say I have made fitness a lifestyle for myself thought my life, pregnancies and as a mom raising two young kids.

After gaining and subsequently losing 20kg with each pregnancy, I have found a new passion – working with woman pre, during and post-pregnancy to ensure they reclaim their body, their confidence and their identities as a mother, but more so as an individual.

Working with clients to change their eating and exercise habits is what I excel in and the rewards come in seeing each client transform their energy, quality of life and confidence from the inside out.

When you work with me, transforming your body will be challenging but also fun, and no one will care more about your results than me… because once you’re my client, you become my waking billboard – a reflection of my abilities and professionalism.