Just last year I embarked on a journey to change my life through changing my body and confidence. At 105kg, getting rid of the excess weight meant getting rid of the emotional baggage and looking great on the outside, while feeling confident in myself.I started on my own and struggled with eating well and training hard. When I met Marleen I had lost 11kg through excessive over-training, but my lower back pain, knee issues and unexpected changes in life had my self-belief wavering. I knew I would soon burn out and the thought frightened me. Marleen explained the benefits and importance of balancing weight training, rest, and nutrition to keep my metabolism up, strengthen my body and eliminate pain. She’s my trainer, my biggest motivator and a very good friend who always reminds me to stay positive, be kind to myself and believe in the accomplishment of my goals. Through the FittHeroes program I have learned how to change my lifestyle to gradually and permanently get the results I want, instead of going to extremes for short term, mediocre results. Thus far, I have dropped from 93kg with 43% body fat, to 76kg with 34% body fat. I feel amazing. I’m a new person and the journey isn’t even done yet! I’m thrilled about the changes my body continues to see, and the change in thinking that accompanies it all.
Katherine W.
I’ve been overweight most of my life. At my heaviest I weighed 130kg. Through excessive cardio and a calories restricted diet I lost XXkg then hit a plateau which last years! Yes, I had shrunk but my body had no shape. I was smaller at 76kg but still carried a lot of body fat (36.9%). I was lost for answers and felt I’d already given everything I could! As a mom working full-time, I couldn’t fathom finding MORE time to workout. Luckily I met Marleen, founder of FittHeroes, who explained the importance of weight training, circuit training and nutritious eating. Within 3 months of being on the FittHeroes training and nutritional program, I have not only lost another 9kg and reduced my percentage body fat to 27% but I have also transformed the shapes of my body. I am leaner, tighter and firmer in areas I couldn’t have imagined would ever stop giggling. I’m hooked, not just on the delicious, nutritious recipes provided, but also on the FittHeroes way of training. I’ve got endless energy and a body I’ll never let go again!
Allenttia W.
I spent the last 10 years in the same weight-loss pattern- I would spend hours at the gym doing cardio, eat very little carbs and lose weight but it never stayed off. I always wondered why I would still be huffing and puffing up a flight of stairs and just couldn’t stick to a routine. When I first met Marleen, she explained to me that we would focus on weight training. I figured I would give it a try as I was tired of the constant weight-loss yoyo and having to start from scratch every 6 months. With Marleen’s guidance, my weight training program has not only helped me lose 12kg, but I am also noticing a new shape to my body that I never achieved with cardio! My stomach is actually flat! On top of this, Marleen has helped me understand how to eat foods that not only help me lose fat, but foods that I also enjoy. For the first time I feel motivated, energetic and like the best version of myself. I still have some time to go before I reach my goal, but my only regret was that I didn’t meet Marleen sooner and start the FittHeroes program 10 years ago!
Melissa C.
I wanted to let you know how much our chat on Saturday has helped me. Not only in terms of moving in the right direction in my health but some of the other things you said as well. For the first time that I can remember, I am eating without guilt and regularly. My mind feels so free now. Also some of the things you mentioned about how other peoples thoughts are none of my business... I have shared that with so many people and it is huge! Thank you so much. I have so much gratitude for you.
Ellissa H.