The gym- To Go or Not to Go?

By Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Mindset for Weightloss
Mental and Physical Strength & Perseverance

Mental and Physical Strength & Perseverance

Going into the gym and figuring out what to do and how to workout can be daunting, particularly at the bigger gyms full of ‘heroes’….and I don’t mean FITT HEROES. I mean the ones who believe they are heroes to everyone else rather than just themselves… the macho posers grunting and carelessly throwing around heavy weights.

What to do?

Running away and calling it quits isn’t an option for FITT HEROES. We say Take Another Step Towards Your Dreams; Towards Your New Life.

Someone great once said “You must be willing to Give Up who you Are for who you Will Become.” Get rid of that insecure voice in your head and take control. Some good affirmations to repeat are “I can do this, I can Do this, I can Do This” or “I Can and I Will” or simply “Yes, I Can.”


Change your thinking and your actions, circumstances and life will change with it. Replace fear with courage and understand that even geniuses ask question and every success is preceded by a multitude of failures. Tomas Edison failed over 1,000 times when creating the incandescent light bulb. When they asked him “did you really fail over 1,000 times?” he responded “No, I successfully found over 1,000 ways it would not work”. He understood that every time he ‘failed’ he was closer to finding a way the worked…. provided he didn’t give up!


Successful people fail over and over again. Unsuccessful people fail once and give up. ¬†Who are you going to choose to be? The person who surrenders to fear and doubt? Or the person who looks fear in the eyes and says ‘bring it on baby! Is that all you’ve got?!

When you have the mindset in place, you need an action plan. to make you’re life easier, here it is:

– If you’re completely new to the gym and weight training, don’t settle for hours of mind-numbing cardio. It won’t get you the results you want unless your goal is to be ‘skinny-fat’ and shapeless.

Get yourself a quality personal trainer. Ask your gym reception to recommend a few and point them out. Watch them train others and don’t be afraid to approach them yourself and ask for a trail session to help you decide. If they’re good personal trainers they’ll be delighted to help.

Let them know your goals, what your past set backs have been and what you’re looking for. You’re looking to LEARN how to train as well as get a safe ass-whooping at the gym. You’re looking for progressive independence in the gym. That means you need to be taught the foundational movements- how to perform them correctly and avoid injuring yourself. These include Squats, Lunges, Push-ups, Rows, Shoulder Press, Tricep Dips, Bicep Curls and the crunch/ sit-up.

– If the gym is a place of fond memories where you once worked hard to care for your body, then all you need is a couple of workouts to help refresh your memory and get you back on the right path.

Here’s a workout comprised entirely of just your body weight and a couple of kettle bells!

1. KB Turkish Get Up (10 on each side)

2. KB Swings (20 alternating hands)

3. KB Squat and single Overhead Press (10 on each side)

4. KB Chest Press (15 reps)

5. KB Bent Over Rows (single arm or both) (15 reps)

6. Burpies (10)

What weight should you use? Simple- one that’s challenging to the muscles involved. One that safely pushes you outside of your comfort zone and into PROGRESS.

Remember, without suffering, there is no progress. You will endure some short term pain, but all for long term gains.

Keep your head up and don’t give up on yourself. Fitt Heroes Won’t Give Up on You.