Training with BubbaTraining with BubbaTraining with Bubba

Getting to the gym with little bubba just 2.5 weeks old has been near impossible.

After making three attempts to hit the gym and only succeeding once I realized that maybe I shouldn’t rely on others to watch over my baby for me to get a workout in!

So instead I took my little angel along with me as I usually do for morning walks, but this time I strapped him close to mommy’s chest (using the Hug-a-Bub) and trained WITH him.

Not only did he sleep right through and love all the bouncy-bouncy, but he also served as good additional weight!

Granted he’s just 4.5kg (soooo adorable) but as he grows, he’ll help mommy get stronger too.

Here’s what we did together:

30 squats

30 incline pushups (u can do these on your knees)

30 reverse rows

20 lat pull downs

15 vulgarian squats per leg

30 tricep dips

I did one round of this for day 1 and I’ll add an extra round till I can do 5 in one session/day!

The point is to do a little more each day 😁


What are YOU doing to stay positive, healthy and confident with you little bundle of joy? Would love to know!